REQUEST A SWEETHEART OVERLAY! (Message me if you want me to make you a heart overlay, just tell me the color you want along with what you want it to say xx) 
sorry candy hearts

Aloha! So I just wanted to give a little reminder that i do take requests on overlays. & I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting as frequently, I’m doing my best. Summer is coming to an end, and I’m switching gears and going into school mode. 

I do read all my messages and requests, but I usually like to save the ask or submit until i create the actual overlay. Please be patient, and thank you all for following and contributing :) 

Much Love,

stayxfab: Can you please make a moon changing overlay :)))) <3

done :) 

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valvolovik: How did you do the ying yang then your photo and then another ying yang?

here are the steps i did

1) use the app “squaready” and adjust all the pics to the centered preset & save

2) open “picstitch” and pick the long one instead of the square one. and set those photos in as desired and save

3) open the edited photo in picsart, and add the same overlay twice and add as desired. 

tutorial for use of overlays in picsart can be found in »my faq here «

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